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Search Engines are Hotter than Hot by George Margolin

Team Leader Message

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Search Engines are Hotter than Hot
by George Margolin

The Internet is an endless feast of knowledge, which makes finding, searching and sifting what you need, a virtually impossible task. And using the statistics of the Information Industry -- the knowledge base DOUBLES every six years! So, with the Internet itself exploding in double digit yearly growth, we need every bit of help we can get to keep up with our chosen fields of knowledge. Our only hope rests with the better and better search engines that are springing up by the dozens to meet this growing and accelerating need. At our March 18th meeting I'll show you some of the many search engines I've found that can help you quickly and reliably find those nuggets of gold that are buried in the cornucopia of confusion and endless potential that is "The Internet." So bring your associates and friends with you. I promise that you'll find it an interesting, exciting and informative evening.

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Team Leader Message
by Barbara Scarpa

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back the CSUF AITP Student Chapter for the Spring ’98 semester. Having been a founding member myself, I’ve proudly watched this group grow to 100+ strong. Currently under the fantastic leadership of President Debbie Suderno and Vice President Gregg Geisendorfer CSUF AITP kicked off the semester with a speaker meeting and free food supplied by Del Taco. CSUF graduate Steve Giano (currently a Network Analyst working for CSUF Extended Education) spoke on the topic “Life of a New Graduate”. Students enjoyed learning how to prepare for the world beyond college and received many insightful answers to their numerous questions. The following week was the biannual Pizza/Bowling social that has become a popular AITP function every semester. Lots of free pizza and soft drinks brought in the crowds. As Dr. Dear beat everyone at bowling, fellow students remarked that it was a good thing they weren’t bowling for grades. Up and coming for March 4th is a speaker meeting with Microsoft’s Babar Batla on “Windows 98”. This should really pack the room. CSUF AITP has a full schedule planned and is on its way to a great semester! As everyone is probably aware, the proceeds from the raffle tickets that I’ve been selling each meeting go toward the AITP Scholarship that we award to a deserving MSIS major at Cal State Fullerton each year. As you can see from the AITP Student Chapter participation, this is a very good cause to support. So let’s buy those raffle tickets and support the scholarship fund!

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