Member Discounts and Benefits

As a valued member, we bring you a section of discounts and offers as part of the entire Benefit of belonging.

(Caveat- we are unable to endorse these companies,
but make these offers available as a service to our members)

They have a new deal- Partition Magic version 4.0 $30 (available this month), Drive Image v2 $30, Drive Copy v2 $15. You can access their web site ( and use their secure order form, but you must include your User Group name and special user group order code (UGFLYER).

Aladdin Flash-back
Aladdin Flash-back 1.1 for $19.95. Provides unlimited "Undos" for any application with instant access to all previous versions of a document. Go to their online store to purchase and download at:

Comdex Passes
Try the (or just got to, then Las Vegas Nov.16-20, then Registration. Enter as customer code either WACP9 or RTMEA for a free exhibits only pass. Otherwise it is $100. Saves the cost of your membership.

A new PowerDesk Utilities 98 is out and costs $25.00 (normally $39.95). I love this program- it is a combination of FileManager and Explorer where you can drag and drop files with long file names. User group members can get ZipMagic 98 or FreeSpace for $25.00 (normally $39.95)or all three (FreeSpace/PowerDesk/ZzipMagic98) for $69.95 (normally $119.85). To order, call Mijenix at 1-800-645-3649 or 1-303-245-8000 and mention user group.

Manufacturer’s Rebates- check out CDW site for a good listing of rebates, and go to manufacturer's site for coupon if you want to buy locally--

Imation SuperDrive (LS-120) $40 rebate (floppy/120meg removabledrive)-

As a User Group member, you are entitled to a 20% discount on all O'Reilly books and software when you order directly from us (800-998-9938) and mention code DSUG when placing your order. Email O'Reilly's Catalog and Resource Center on the Web is at:

Jasc Software
PaintShop Pro 5 -NEW version for $49- We saw it at SouthWest Conference and it is great! All Jasc Software products are available to User Group members at Educational Discounts. To receive these discounted prices, you must identify yourself as a User Group member at the time of your order and contact the Sales Department at (800) 622-2793 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central Time. This pricing is not currently available via electronic ordering.

AOL Discount (also Prodigy and Compuserve)
For individuals over 50 years old , AARP offers about a $2 a month discount to AOL users (now $19.75 with new pricing), and other discounts to Prodigy and Compuserve users. On AOL, go keyword AARP, select AARP online to find instructions.For other services, try web site.

Hayes Modems
The prices have gone up but now v.90 compliant. 56K internal Accura for $99, PC Card 56K for $169 and External for $119. Phone: 800-625-7558., click on UserGroup Offers.

Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition (Windows) - $69.00 (a new item); Adobe PhotoDeluxe 2.0 (Windows/Mac)- $39.00; Adobe PageMill 2.0 (Mac) - $69.00; Adobe PageMill 3.0 (Windows) - $69.00; Adobe Art Explorer 1.1 (Mac) - $19.00; Adobe HomePublisher 2.1 (Mac) - $39.00; and Adobe Type Twister 1.0 (Windows/Mac) - $19.00. To order call 1-800-888-6293 and mention offer #35701. Offer is ongoing.

Western Digital
Turn in an old "working" hard drive- any brand, and for $200 you can get a 4 gig new Hard Drive, $235 for a 5.1 gig or $255 for a 6.4 gig hard drive. Call Tech Support at 714-932-4952 (new direct number).

Techweb Free Show Passes
Techweb has free computer show passes to events all over the world. It changes periodically. Try it at:

Micrografx (New prices as of 6/28/98)
You can order American Greetings CreataCard Plus 2 $ 24.95, American Greetings CreataCard Plus GOLD 2 $ 39.95, Windows Draw 6 for $39.95, Graphics Suite 2 for $129.95 (lists $349.95), Flowcharter 7 for $99.95 (lists $299.95), Webtricity 2 for $169 (includes Picture Publisher 8 and Simply 3D) which lists for $199, Simply 3D version 3 for $79, Picture Publisher version 8 for $ 99 (lists $149.95), Small Business for $24.95 (lists $89.95). Call 800-733-3729 to order, mention User Group.

Mountain Lake Software- is offering a free copy of Festive Fonts to those
users that purchase the School Font Collection and Arthmefonts. School Font Collection
is a collection of handwritten fonts for kids. Arthmefonts is a collection of math fonts for
adding, sub, fractions also designed for kids. For purchasing please information:

PC User Group store
Discounts on name-brand factory refurbished PCs. or 800-554-9040.

Mike Murach and Associates. 40% off books. Call (800)-221-5528 and mention User Group.

CLBooks gives up to 40% off on books also. Visit and mention User Group.

Jamsa: Usergroup discount of 30% on all titles (books) .Jamsa's Web Site

Smart Computing
Smart Computing magazine, formerly called PC Novice, for 12 months is $29.. Mention #8337 when calling 800-733-3809.

Any suggestions for items, e-mail Cathy Grammer-Margolin at

Other Free Software Offers

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